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This area of the website is dedicated to student information. In the student section you will find links to your teacher's websites, homework policies, extra help opportunities and so much more. We have broken it down into groupings (Early Education, Elementary, Middle School, Specials and Extracurricular) that will make it easier for you to locate the information you need.

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Guidance Office

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The Guidance Program at Saint Michael School is a proactive resource which reaches out to all of the students, teachers and families. The goal is to help students become effective learners, achieve success in school, and develop into contributing members of society. The Guidance Program is available to all students and parents. For more information about the Guidance Program please visit Mrs. Arivella's webpage or call 978-686-1862 to set up a time to meet.


We strive to be a peanut butter free school. Please do not send in items that contain peanut butter.

Our hot lunch program is provided by Just Like Home. Online lunch ordering is now in place. Go to Our password is SMS1 (the number one).

We hope you enjoy our lunch program. Just Like Home is open to all suggestions to improve the food offerings for your children. We love being part of the school community and are here to server your family. Please feel free to call us anytime - Cindy LaFrance (603-898-2219) and Karen Morine (603-893-7608). *All information subject to change.

UMATTER Kindness Pledge

UMatter SMS Thoughtful Kind Respect Good Deed Friend Matter

The following pledge is recited each morning after prayer by the students.

I pledge on this morning, as I begin this school day. To be thoughtful and kind in all I do and I say;
To treat others with respect, as I'd have them treat me;
To be the kind of person God wants me to be;
To do one good deed, and to all, be a friend;
And to tell someone they matter before the day's end.