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Elementary School Philosophy

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The Elementary School Program lays the foundation upon which a child's education is built. Students are encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards themselves while learning in a safe, faith base, nurturing environment. Children are encouraged to explore, discover and investigate the world around them, thereby broadening their horizons. Saint Michael School aims to educate children to become kind, cooperative, responsible citizens who will accept and respect individual differences in others - just as Jesus taught. Our children will face new challenges, unafraid to try, and unafraid to fail. Education is a lifelong process, and we strive to prepare children for the journey.

Teacher Pages

Did you know that each teacher maintains a website where they are able to post assignments, pictures and valuable resources? Please select your teacher's name from the list on the right side of the page to view their website.

Guidance Office

The Guidance Program at Saint Michael School is a proactive resource which reaches out to all of the students, teachers and families. The goal is to help students become effective learners, achieve success in school, and develop into contributing members of society. The Guidance Program is available to all students and parents. For more information about the Guidance Program please visit Mrs. Arivella's webpage or call 978-686-1862 to set up a time to meet.


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Resource Room

Did you know that we have a Resource Room at Saint Michael's School? The Resource Room is run by Mrs. Wilson, who works with students from kindergarten through fourth grade, providing support to teachers and students both in and out of the classroom. Her experience includes extensive training in literacy across the curriculum and addresses diverse needs and ability levels. More information about the Resource Room can be found on Mrs. Wilson's webpage.

Homework Central

At Saint Michael School, we feel its important that parents are able to view their child's assignments and progress in order to keep a smooth transition between home and school. TeacherEase is a website that our teachers use for posting assignments, as well as tracking a students work. We strongly recommend families utilize this tool. Important links: